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Senior Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience in designing and developing cloud driven web services. Leading Cloud and Backend side of things @ShopSwap.


Senior Software Engineer, ShopSwap INC(2022-present, US)

  • Creating and maintaining containerized workload with AWS ECS, Cloudformation etc
  • Modeling SQL and NoSQL databases (Postgres and Dynamodb) for high scalability and performance
  • Creating reliable and distributed micro-service based workload with NestJS, Redis and AppRunner

Software Engineer, Preparie INC (2021-2022, Canada)

  • Designing and building GraphQL APIs with AWS AppSync, Lambdas and Dynamodb
  • Creating and maintaining cloud infra to support the frontend and backend

Cloud Engineer, Bottle Tech (2019-2021, Nepal)

  • Involved in the design & development of Cloud Infra for projects
  • Creating and maintaining cloud resources to serve REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Modeling NoSQL databases(MongoDB & DynamoDB) for high scalability and performance




  • Serverless Workloads ( DynamoDB, Lambda, Cognito, AppSync, SQS )
  • Distributed Workloads (SQS,Step Functions, SNS, Eventbridge )
  • Containerized Stack ( ECS, AppRunner, ELB )
  • Networking ( VPC, SG, NAT, Subnetting )
  • ML Services (Polly, Transcribe, Polly, Textract, Comprehend, Rekognition )
  • Miscellaneous ( S3, RDS, EC2, ECR, CloudFormation )


  • AppEngine
  • CloudRun
  • Firebase ( Firestore, Functions, Pub/Sub )


  • JS/TS - NestJS, Elysia(Bun)
  • Python - FastAPI, Pydantic, Lambda Powertools ( for AWS Lambdas )
  • GoLang - Go Fiber, Buffalo


  • OpenAI Integrations, Prompt Engineering
  • ArrangoDB AQL, Macrometa, Graph queries etc for Analytics
  • Dokku managed services
  • PaaS like services, railway, Heroku etc